Balloon Takane and teething rings

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A beautiful set of toys for your baby, inspired by Montessori pedagogy.

The Takane balloon is sensory, it was designed to awaken the senses of your child. The repetition of patterns, the mix of materials, the small inner bell, all the little touches around this toy awake make this ball a real little game that contributes to the development of your child. The rounded shape of the ball allows your child to have fun by throwing or catching it easily.

The rabbit teething ring is designed for the baby to be able to teething, or simply to stimulate the senses through patterns and different textures of fabrics. An ear with noisy paper to entertain and stimulate baby!


- balloon Takane and teether are made of Oeko-Tex certified minky and cotton fabrics.

- the teething ring is also made of wood, natural (untreated, unvarnished)

Machine wash at 30 ° C after removing the wooden ring - Air dry You can wash the ring by hand, but do not let it soak for better storage.

Other colors available in the shop.